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My Exhibition "Don't stop the music"May 2021 has finished and is now available online @ Tacit Gallery 

Series "An other Era" Oil paintings

working on this series 

Series " Mono Chrome"

Water colour pencil on canvas (9) &

tiny paintings (6) Oil on canvas

Series  "The Love of Music" 

Oil paintings (11)

Series  - "Search for self" and "Inner Sanctum"  Oil paintings (17)

Series - " Blues Portraits " Water colour pencil on canvas  (9)                                      

Series -" Erotica" Water colour pencil on  paper (4)
Series - "Let's keep going" Ink on paper (9)

 Early work (17)

Series "All that Blues" Oil paintings    


Sculpture  Exhibition "Maximum Headroom" 2010 and  Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition 2011






" En guarde " Oil on canvas , 

" Larry Dennis " Water colour      pencil on canvas

canvas" Hamish & Kristen Thrum" charcoal on paper

"Winston Galea" Oil on canvas